Work productivity

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Every day a certain amount of task must be completed at my work. For the past couople months I have been overtasked; therefore, not being able to complete all the task for each giving day. Those tasks will then become delinquent. In order to bring money to the company those tasks need to be caugt up.

D: take an hr lunch
D': take 30 minutes lunch
B: Release stress from work
C: Catch up with delinquent task
A: Increase Productivity
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In order to Increase Productivity I must Release stress from work and in order to Release stress from work I must take an hr lunch. But, in order to Increase Productivity I must also Catch up with delinquent task and in order to Catch up with delinquent task I must take 30 minutes lunch. I can't both take an hr lunch and take 30 minutes lunch.
D-D'It is not under the company's policiesTalk to my supervisor and explain the situaton
B-DI will be more relaxed and will complete more number of tasksI will experience lazyness from being away from work for a long period of time
C-D'I will keep up with the work pace and will complete more tasksI will more tired and will then work slower