How to get workers engaged with improving business efficiency

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workers are resisting opportunities to improve efficiencies within the workplace

D: improve our productivity
D': retain current work practices
B: be competitive in the marketplace
C: ensure job security
A: Maintain an engaged workforce and grow profits
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In order to Maintain an engaged workforce and grow profits I must be competitive in the marketplace and in order to be competitive in the marketplace I must improve our productivity. But, in order to Maintain an engaged workforce and grow profits I must also ensure job security and in order to ensure job security I must retain current work practices. I can't both improve our productivity and retain current work practices.
D-D'the are mutually exclusive
B-D1. we could lose the business
2. we have a new competitor
3. we are not keeping up with demand
4. our staff do tasks that could be automated
5. our staff are unwilling to change
1. competitor analysis shows that there is minimal impact to our business due to product differentiation therefore we wont lose the business and the new competitor is not a threat.

3. our existing machinery needs replacing
C-D'1. if we automate our workplace, we will lose jobs
2. work will become boring
3. I'm too old to learn new things
1. we have undertaken some modelling with the new machines. It shows that with more throughput, we will need more people machines require additional skills and full training will be provided
3.given we can employ more people, some jobs will maintained as they are today
A-B1. engaged employees make less mistakes
2. our competitors are more efficient
3. greater automation frees up staff to do value added work
A-C1. we work well together
2. we might lose our jobs if the company doesn't make money