Bullying at school

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Jeff constantly steals Tim's iPad during recess, making Tim upset and leading himself into trouble.

D: Stealing Tim's iPad
D': Not stealing Tim's iPad
B: Feel important and powerful
C: Feel accepted at school
A: Be happy and fulfilled at school
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In order to Be happy and fulfilled at school I must Feel important and powerful and in order to Feel important and powerful I must Stealing Tim's iPad. But, in order to Be happy and fulfilled at school I must also Feel accepted at school and in order to Feel accepted at school I must Not stealing Tim's iPad. I can't both Stealing Tim's iPad and Not stealing Tim's iPad.
D-D'Tim will never lend me his iPad
B-DBreaking the rules is the best way to feel importantI can feel important by becoming a member of the Student Council
C-D'Rules must be followed by everyone in the school community
A-BFullfillment depends on feeling powerful
A-CMy happiness depends on my feeling accepted by others