Effective Work Environment: Psyciatric Rehabilitation

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How to manage the conflict between maintaining operating costs and a work load were clinicians can provide quality services.

D: Reduce Therapeutic Rehabilitation Groups
D': Increase Therapeutic Rehabilitation Groups
B: Provide Manageable Workloads
C: Structured Program
A: Remain A Premier Work Environment
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In order to Remain A Premier Work Environment I must Provide Manageable Workloads and in order to Provide Manageable Workloads I must Reduce Therapeutic Rehabilitation Groups. But, in order to Remain A Premier Work Environment I must also Structured Program and in order to Structured Program I must Increase Therapeutic Rehabilitation Groups. I can't both Reduce Therapeutic Rehabilitation Groups and Increase Therapeutic Rehabilitation Groups.
D-D'Because of our current structure we feel conflictGrowth means more groups each with more members.
B-DBecause of a reduction in clinicians Bridge to Recovery will have to provide fewer groups.The team will need to make a decision together on what groups must be offered for an individual to recover.
C-D'Because clinicians want to provide a structured program, they will provide more groups reducing quality while risking burn out.More groups does not mean better programing
A-BBecause clinicians with manageable work loads provide quality services.Individuals cannot make change alone, it takes a team working together.
A-CBecause providing structure means a better programAnd the team and the individuals served must believe the structure will assist in recovery.