Movie or study

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Hai has asked Pradesh to go see a movie with him.
They have a Geography test the next morning

Hadi wants to relax before the test.
Pradesh is worried that he is not ready for the test and needs the time to study.

Both Hadi and Pradesh have important NEEDS but can they both be achieved?

D: Go to the movie to relax
D': Study for exam
B: Be relaxed before the test
C: Cover my study fully
A: Pass the test
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In order to Pass the test I must Be relaxed before the test and in order to Be relaxed before the test I must Go to the movie to relax. But, in order to Pass the test I must also Cover my study fully and in order to Cover my study fully I must Study for exam. I can't both Go to the movie to relax and Study for exam.
D-D'The is limited time before the testIs there limited time? Can the study be done more effectively? Does the movie have to be a long one? Do you have to go out to the movies to relax?
B-DThis is how I want to relaxThere are other ways to relax.

C-D'It is essential proper revision is done. Next time we may consider starting our revision sooner
A-BBeing relaxed before a test can be useful, some students perform better when they are under pressure of revision and test.
A-CRevision must be done fully to pass the test.