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The Goal: Master machinist asked to break his current setup
The Goal: Changing the mandatory break times
The Goal: Changing the mandatory break times - Unions perspective
The Goal: Increasing batch sizes at bottlenecks or focus on throughput
The Goal: Adding a dedicated crew to the bottlenecks
Fighting with boyfriends
Ch 29
Cutting Batch Sizes
TOC: Cost Accounting
The Goal - Idling Workers and the Balanced Plant
Latonia Boyd
Latonia Boyd (2nd)
Latonia Boyd (3rd)
Work productivity
Building a better future
"We Googled You" article, Fred Westin perspective
The Goal: Performance Measurement
The Goal: Bringing back old machines to supplement the NCX-10
The Goal: Self-fulfillment
Who Cleans the House
TOC: Cutting Batch Sizes
TOC: Union Break Times
The Goal - Burnside's Model 12's
The Goal - Increasing Lead Time
Alex and Julie
Alex and Bob
Alex and Ethan Frost
Removing Light Bulb
Idle workers
Work conflict
Leadership Conflict
Spring Break Plans
Seasonal products and market demand
The 30 day rule
Simple example of necessity logic
Workers attitude toward continuous improvement
The handling of seasonal demand
The sequence of orders
Capstone Cloud
Additional Bay
Hiring Employees
Employee Labor
W & M organization
W & M weekly planning meeting
W & M empoyee bonuses
Confirmed Access vs Quick Access
Effective Work Environment: Psyciatric Rehabilitation
Large or Small Groups
Engaging a non-agile team member in an agile team
Master's Decision
three little pigs
Personal Procrastination Cloud
Alex's new constraint - Demand
Move Or Not To Move; That Is The Question
The Goal: Changing the employees break time
The Goal-Finding Herbie
Alex Decision : Break Time Vs. No Break Time
The Goal: Alex decision on employee break time
Should we hire her?
The Goal: Cutting the batch sice in half for all non-bottlenecks.
Alex vs Stacey: Cutting the Batch Sizes
Going home for christmas vs. staying in Louisville
Alex Marriage
Studying over Playing
Cutting the batch sizes
homework vs family time
New Role
Cut batch sizes in half
Adjusting delivery schedules to meet demand
Group project dispute
I am being asked to coach a distributed team that does not have any agile experience, yet they claim they do.
Supplier Network 2
Wake up at 5:00 a.m.
1122422 Maximizing profitability in Sales
Reference fee?
Nuclear Storage Facility Conflict
Client expects me to perform tax deductions that are not legal
Différence de formations
Enterprise Portfolio Performance Measurement
hit or not hit
Unacceptable Review
Many or one?
What University for my son?
Lieutenant's Cloud from GSP 7: Managing People
the singer and the critic
School vs Work/Family
Anakin Skywalker (Luz, Camara... TOC!)
Reduce finished goods inventory
Daily meeting
Sharp Exersize
Isn't It Obvious
Movie or study
LNG cloud conflict
LNG Plant Project
conflict cloud to examine core project conflicts
LNG project
My mother give me big food
MRP decision
Uso de CRM en Ventas
LNG project assignment 2 - conflict on decision to bring the installation of the gas turbine footings forward and incur $1500000.00 of unplanned expenses
inconsistent meeting attendance
How to get workers engaged with improving business efficiency
Self Reliance
Spanish Fork Life Center
Post-Flood Inventory at Hannah's Shop
Sharon's Curfew
Implementing TOC-based SCM solutions
John Vaughn Vault
isnt it obvious cloud
Line Movement
T/IDD Value Sharing
1-Shoppe Production
Moving the Extol Machine to Assembly Nissan Carpet Sill Assembly
Evaporating cloud of project failure
project failure
EC for Project Failure
conflict cloud
Spending money to add capacity in ICU or saving budget
Wellington Hospital Intensive Care Unit
Toyota Vs. Business School
tv program vs study
Gorgon Project
charlie restaurant
Ball Grinding Machines
What to teach the team today
ADF Company (sharing IDD?TDD)
SC Sharing of T/IDD Values
Get marketing & design in essential alignment
to increase the operational efficiency at XYZ ltd
Evaporating cloud for the assignment
The maintenance project
Bullying at school
Regional Centre Program
Capstone Mining Case
Il conflitto del “non ho tempo”
New Zealand tourism - evaporating cloud
Change New Zealand to appeal more to Chinese visitors or to diversify.
EA at University of Technology
EA Roll Out - Silo v/s Goal-Oriented
Ownership of Account Terminations
Time Scarcity beliefs are conflicting with spending time needed to challenge assumptions to think with more clarity
Time scarcity beliefs are conflicting with spending time needed to to think with better clarity by questioning assumptions
Concept conflict
Mitingi v Che
Uchet finansov
marina i rabota
I'm a dog
Supermarket case
The usefulness of dashboards
Dissertation writing services
To improve asset mannagement strategy
strategic asset management planning
Better asset magement practice
evaporating cloud
SSC Case Study
Milestone #3 Tuxworth, Taylor
Report Bugs to VP
South Software Corp. Internal Conflict Cloud
Retail Conflict
SSC bug conflict
Work conflict
South Software Corp
SSC Case
My conflicting situation
to actually start working out like i say i will
SSC Case Study
DeMarcus's Cloud
SSC Case Study
Milestone 3
Report the bug
Workplace Conflict
Project Milestone 3
Additional resource
Increase ROI
cambiar o no cambiar
Alex and Sharon Cloud
cambiar o no cambiar
Server Ownership
Department of Education Conflict
example conflict
SSC Case Study #3
School Cloud
SSC Cloud
Personal Workplace Conflict
A Short Case Study: South Software Corp
SSC Milestone #3
The Goal: Alex and Julie
SSC Case Study
South Software Corp
Unfair Supervisor
SSC Case Study
To Report or Not to Report
Weekend Plans
SSC Case Study
SSC Case Study
SSC Case Study
Course Project #3
South Software Corp.
SSC Case Study
The Goal
Milestone #3
Milestone #3 - Part II
Case Study 1 Cloud
CLOUD #2 Personal
Milestone #3
Mgt progect part 3
Milestone #3 Part 2
project milestone #3
SSC Case Study Milestone #3
Personal experience part 2 of project milestone #3
Personal Milestone #3
report or don't report
Personal life and School life
SSC Case Study Evaporating Cloud
Quit My Job
Hire a consultant
SSC Case Study
Cheating on an exam
South Software Corporation
SSC Project Cloud
Group Project Dilemma
Project Milestone 3 SSC Study
The Goal
South Software Corp.
SSC Case Study
Personal Cloud
I want to go to a party with my friends but I have to study for a big test coming up
Formally Report Bug to HR?
SSC Case Study Milestone 3
Whether to Come Out or Not?
Milestone 3: Bug within the system