We present an interactive web application designed to complement and expand upon the well-known conflict resolution tool termed as “evaporating cloud” and developed by Dr. Eli Goldratt, founder of the “Theory of Constraints”.

  • We acknowledge the help sought from the extant literature put forth by several other TOC experts such as William H. Dettmer, Lisa J. Scheinkopf, Vicky Mabin, James Cox and Kelvyn Youngman.
  • You will need to sign in, before you can use the tool. If you do not have an account already, just click here to sign up

2 thoughts on “Welcome”

    1. Hello Larry

      We do have a place to write down assumptions.
      When you are presented with the cloud, you can click the icon on the arrows to add assumptions.
      When you have added assumptions you can also add injections to those assumptions.

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