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conflict in communication

D: use informal communication
D': use strategic communication
B: Keep employees informed and updated
C: Define clear objectives
A: Increase employees productivity
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In order to Increase employees productivity I must Keep employees informed and updated and in order to Keep employees informed and updated I must use informal communication. But, in order to Increase employees productivity I must also Define clear objectives and in order to Define clear objectives I must use strategic communication. I can't both use informal communication and use strategic communication.
D-D'1. Strategic communication are more suited to mass communication from the higher levels of management.
2. Strategic communication satisfies a long term strategic goal of an organisation.
3. Informal communication is based on informal relations and free from organisational formalities.
Strategic miscommunication cam lead to public relation issues that are harmful to the organization and its reputation.
B-D1. Good informal communication among staff increase flexibility, efficiency.
2. Evaluate abilities
3. Recognise good work
4. Balanced quality of services
5. Consume less time
6. Creates opportunity to develop misunderstanding
Create formal feedback mechanisms
C-D'1. Enable strategic planning
2. Develop and prioritise potential strategies and tactics
3. Influence policy and decision makers at higher levels
4. Improve consistency and coordination
5. Risk of misusing the information in a harmful manner
Limit the flow of information if necessary.
A-B1. Employees can know their roles and responsibilities
2. Increased morale of workers
3. Easy to carry out allocated tasks
4. Improve relationship among members
unable to perform the duties.
A-C1. No politics in the organisation
2. Easy to identify risks
3. Able to create solid plan of action to save time and money
4. Increase performance
5. workers face less challenges
6. Miss out opportunities due to attention and effort on single task
Keep an eye out for new opportunities.
Worker require more challenges in oder to gain skills