Personal Procrastination Cloud

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Frequently I am frustrated with the fact that I or others seem to be procrastinating on doing what we know we should. Sometimes this procrastination triggers a vicious cycle in that it (knowing I am/others are procrastinating) consumes our energy needed to take the necessary actions, damages harmony and confidence in ourselves and others resulting in more procrastination

D: Keep Procrastinating
D': Stop Procrastinating
B: Avoid Failure
C: Achieve the desired results
A: Be Happy now and in the future
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In order to Be Happy now and in the future I must Avoid Failure and in order to Avoid Failure I must Keep Procrastinating. But, in order to Be Happy now and in the future I must also Achieve the desired results and in order to Achieve the desired results I must Stop Procrastinating. I can't both Keep Procrastinating and Stop Procrastinating.
B-DThe only way to avoid failure is not to take actionsI have a practical mechanism to identify likely causes of failure and take actions to prevent these