Unacceptable Review

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My boss' boss is responsible for the formal review process but does not know me. My boss writes the eval and then his boss reviews it. My boss gave me a good review but then his boss downgraded it. I refused to sign the unfair eval.

D: Follow HR process
D': Refuse to follow HR process
B: Complete annual review
C: Maintain my integrity
A: Be happy with review
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In order to Be happy with review I must Complete annual review and in order to Complete annual review I must Follow HR process. But, in order to Be happy with review I must also Maintain my integrity and in order to Maintain my integrity I must Refuse to follow HR process. I can't both Follow HR process and Refuse to follow HR process.
D-D'I can't change the locked reviewCHANGE IT TO A FAIR REVIEW, SOMEHOW
B-DMy boss needs to check-off that this assigned task of his is completedFigure out how to get my boss' boss to change the review
Don't worry about maintaining a good relationship
C-D'My integrity is threatened by this bad review that is not trueKnow that my integrity is not threatened if I just cave-in and sign it
Get the thing changed to a FAIR review
A-BIt will cause me stress if I have a bad relationship with my boss' bossChange jobs
My boss' boss gets fired or is no longer my boss' boss
I quit caring about having a good relationship with my boss' boss
A-CI will feel like I've given in to an unfair decision.Throw my integrity out the window
Get used to feeling bad at work